Days Go By

It's been a nutty couple of weeks around here. Work has really picked up for me since Thanksgiving, and as we head into the holidays I've got several huge projects going into production. My goal this year is to avoid spending my Christmas break working, so hopefully all my hard work now will mean some down time for me over the break. Alissa and Sam are both doing great and we all can hardly wait to get back to Oklahoma for the holidays. It will be Sam's 1st Christmas and the whole family is converging on Norman to celebrate together. Kristin is also making her first trip to the Sooner State, and my mom is throwing an engagement party for she and Kerry right after Christmas. Aside from all the usual holiday merry-making, we're looking forward to spending some long days by the fire, letting the grandparents catch up on their quality time with Sam, and just enjoying being home. It will be great to be back.

I'm sure we'll have loads of pictures and video to share from the trip. In the meantime, here are a few fun pics from a quality play session Sam and I had yesterday. Click on the photo for more.

smilin' boys


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