Thanksgiving Break

I'm sitting in my parents' living room as I write this, enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon and watching the mountains across the valley light up as the sun sets. It's been a picture perfect weekend here this weekend. We've enjoyed loads of great food, had fun visiting with family and taken a much-needed break from our usually hectic life back in LA.

On Thanksgiving Day we had dinner at the home of my Uncle Joe & Aunt Linda, who live 2 blocks away. My cousin Jessica and her husband Vince were also there, along with their son James, who is 18 months old. We had a pretty typical meal, though the presence of two little ones was a new twist on an old family tradition. Sam behaved himself perfectly and we came home afterwards to sit by the fire and watch the incredible stars they have here in the desert at night.

Friday my dad and I rode out to the observatory across the valley and back, which was quite an accomplishment for a guy who's only been riding for a year. Afterwards we soaked in the hot tub before having a really mellow night at home, eating mom's good cooking and watching "Millions," which is one of our favorite films.

Yesterday we watched OU kick OSU's butt, then my folks had a bunch of friends over for dinner to celebrate. Sam celebrated in his own way, capping off an uncharacteristicly mellow day with a complete meltdown right at bedtime. We finally got the little guy down and enjoyed a few hours with family & friends before calling it a night.

Today dad and I got out for another ride, then he and my mom watched Sam while Alissa and I went to see "Rent." (Which was fantastic, by the way.) A little later this afternoon Jessisa, Vince, Alissa and I are turning the kids over to the grandparents and are all going out for a genuine date night in Tucson. It will be a nice end to a great vacation before we head home to the daily routine. In the meantime, here are a few picutres from the weekend. Click on the photo to see the show.

couch potatoes


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