Sunny Sunday

You've gotta love LA in November. It was another perfectly gorgeous day here today, clear as a bell and in the mid-80's. After I finished my morning ride, Alissa and I took Sam & Ham down to Santa Monica for a little stroll. Sam had his usual freak out in the car on the way down, but once we got there he was a happy baby. Here are a couple of fun pictures we took with my camera phone.



On Saturday we had a rare "day date." I'd gotten tickets to see Shakespeare's Globe perform "Measure for Measure" at UCLA Live. The play starred Mark Rylance, who is the artistic director at the Globe Theatre, and is one of the people that Alissa studied with when she was in London during graduate school at Wash U. The way the play was set up, our seats were on the wings of the stage in a very unusual configuration that made us feel like we were actually part of the cast. It was an incredible performance and definitely the best Shakespeare I've ever seen. I also know that Mary & Sheila will be happy to know that we spotted Helen Hunt during intermission, but she didn't stay for the second half. Apparently she isn't as culturally savvy as we are.

At any rate tonight after we get the boy to bed we're going to grill some steaks and toast another perfect weekend. We're looking forward to seeing the Nanny & Papa John in Arizona in a few days for Sam's first Turkey Day. He tried his first peas and carrots this week, so we're slowly getting him ready for mom's good cooking. See you all soon!


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