Food, Feet & Bumbo Seats

Sam once again proved that he is indeed a Millar Man yesterday, by devouring the first solid food ever set before him. We were pretty sure he was ready to make the jump to cereal since he's been gulping down 6 oz. of formula every 2 hours lately, and still begging for more. So we finally decided it was time to put the high chair together and give it a shot. We weren't sure whether Sam would grasp the concept of chewing his food instead of sucking it out of a bottle, but our fears were assuaged the second he got the spoon in his mouth and promptly scarfed down the equivalent of half his body weight in cereal.

For the family members out there with a few minutes to kill, here's a play-by-play video of Sam's 1st meal.

When he wasn't busy mastering the fine art of eating solid foods, Sam was discovering his feet. He loves playing with them all the time, and even when Alissa and I try to distract him with one of his toys, he's still more fascinated by his toes. In fact, despite his sizable belly, Sam can get his feet practically in his mouth and lately he's constantly grabbing his toes and performing hilarious yoga moves.

Sam also got a new chair recently, called a Bumbo Seat. It's the very cool little molded foam chair for infants that let's them sit upright. Sam's pretty much outgrown his bouncy seat, but he loves the Bumbo.

Here are a few pictures of Sam in his chair, and some others from the weekend.

sitting up like a big boy


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel as though I was right there for it all - thank you,thank you. Gosh, he's turning into a real boy - I sound like Geppetto(or however you spell it)!! SheShe

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