Under the Weather

Sam and I have both picked up a little bug this week and suddenly our house sounds like the waiting room at a Doctor's office in January. Sneezing, sniffling, coughing and general malaise is the unfortunate order of the day. According to the pediatrician, Sam has a viral infection that should go away in a day or two. He already seems to be doing better, and this morning he was all smiles after a full night of sleep. I'm still battling what feels like a bad case of hay fever, courtesy of the Santa Anna winds that have blown into town in the last 48 hours. When I moved to LA people talked about the Santa Annas in weird, mystical ways. The way people talk about the Bermuda Triangle or the Northern Lights. But I now I can say from experience that things definitely feel different this time of year. When the winds kick up, it becomes strangely hot and dry, with this weird energy in the air. Hopefully we won't have any more of the huge wildfires that we usually get, and with a little luck and a lot of Claritin, my hay fever should die down in a day or two as well.

In the meantime, things are chugging right along. Work is suddenly busy again as we get ready for a couple more shows and look ahead to the end of the year. At home Sam is still doing great and Alissa is making an art form out of mommyhood. I'm also thoroughly enjoying watching the Red Sox getting beaten by the White Sox and the Yankees continue their post-season march. OU Plays Texas on Saturday and I think I'll spend at least the first half outside doing something fun with Sam, instead of indoors screaming at the TV. If the Sooners do pull off a miracle I'll be thrilled. But if they get what is so rightfully coming to them, I won't be at all surprised.

At any rate, that's all the news for now. We'll send more pictures later in the week. Take care everybody.


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