Travels with Sam

I'm happy to report that Sam aced his first plane ride. Alissa and I flew back East last week for the wedding of our friends Sara & Pete in Annapolis, MD. Despite our worst fears, Sam was a complete angel on the flight. The only stressful moment we had during the entire journey was actually in the terminal at LAX, when Sam once again demonstrated his knack for comedic timing by deciding to poop through his clothes seconds before pre-boarding began for our flight. With all the speed and grace of a NASCAR pit crew, we changed his diaper on the floor of the waiting area in full view of our fellow passengers. With no time to spare, we whisked him onto the plane without pants or a shirt on, classy parents that we are. Once aboard, we were thrilled to discover that the flight wasn't full and that we'd be allowed to bring his car seat onboard with us and give him his own seat. That was a huge help, and once we got him dressed and fed he fell right to sleep! He woke up a few times during the trip, but for the most part he was the perfect traveler. When we got off the plane the man in front of us even turned around to tell us how impressed he was with Sam and said that he'd been quieter than most of the adults on the plane! Needless to say, we were very proud of our boy.

We had a great time at the wedding and really enjoyed introducing Sam to his Uncle Alex for the first time. Alissa's parents were there as well, as were all the members of her extended East Coast family who I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know these last few years. There was a wonderful rehearsal dinner Friday night in town, and a beautiful ceremony at the Academy Chapel on Saturday, followed by a reception at the Chesapeake Bay Club. Since Alissa was a bridesmaid, I had baby duty on Saturday, and with a lot of help from my mother and father in-law, we made it through the ceremony. Incredibly, Sam fell asleep on the way to the reception and dozed through the entire night!

Sunday we woke up and drove down to the harbor to explore. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time. After lunch we drove over to visit Alissa's Great Aunt Marion and her family. Marion is quite a character and I really enjoyed meeting her. She and I hit it off right away, and I couldn't help thinking how much she reminded me of some members of my own family with her sharp tongue and razor wit.

Later that afternoon I drove myself back to BWI to fly home to LA, while Alissa and Sam went up to Pennsylvania to visit her Grandparents. They'll be there all week, and I'll fly back out on Friday to meet them and spend the weekend before coming back to LA on Sunday.

Meanwhile, I just wrapped up 2 new shows for the network that were a lot of fun to produce. The series is called Life & Rhymes, and we shot 2 episodes this week, one with 50 Cent and one with Kanye West. It was quite a struggle to put these shows together, but the end results were fantastic and I think they'll be big hits on the channel. Look for them on air in early November.

At any rate, that's the update for now. I'll post more pictures when we get back from Pennsylvania. Alissa says that Sam's been smiling all the time and that he's as cute as ever. I can't wait to get back there and see both him and his mommy. I miss them both so much!


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