The Good, The Bad, and the Cuddly

Well, it was quite a weekend for sports in the Millar house. As expected, OU finally got what was coming to them in the Red River War, getting spanked by Texas 45-12. As sad as I was to see the Sooners lose yet again, I do think we had it coming. And compared to the ways we've humiliated the Longhorns in the past, this was a relatively gentle beating. I'm just glad Sam is too young to remember these dark days. Hopefully by the time he's old enough to tell the difference between a touchdown and a tailback the Sooners will be on the path to glory once again. Elsewhere in the college sports universe, Uncle Kerry's Georgia Bulldogs put the hurt on the Tennessee Vols and Great-Grandpa's Penn State Nittany Lions had a great win against Ohio State. It's nice to see Penn State and Alabama back in the Top-10. Good old-fashioned smashmouth football!

On a happier note, the Cowboys crushed the Eagles and are starting to look like a playoff contender again. And the Yanks won last night, forcing a game 5 showdown against the Angels tonight in Anaheim. Sam will once again be donning his pinstripes to cheer Jeter & Co. to victory. Bring on the White Sox!!!

In the spirit of the MLB playoffs, here are some pics of Sam in his Dodgers cap.


Yes, I know the Dodgers aren't playing and Sam totally roots for the Yankees, but when you're this damn cute you can do whatever you please.


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