Best Day Ever

yesterday, sam had what might be described as his Best Day Ever. you know it must have been a good one, as i have resorted to capital letters to get my point across. he slept like a champ on thursday night - from 7 pm to 7:30 am, getting up only briefly to have a bottle at 5 am. at 7:30, he woke up smiling, and played for a while in his bouncy chair before having his morning bottle. he then took a long happy poop - always a good sign. then i changed his diaper and got him dressed, and he smiled his way through the next few hours, seeming delighted to be in the world. he took his quick first nap of the day with no crying at all - just drifted happily off to sleep. then he woke up again, he played in his chair, and we even read a book while he sat on my lap (well, more accurately, i read it while sam tried to eat it). he also played for a long time lying on his back in his play gym, practicing kicking and swiping at his toys. his smiles just melt me - the day was off to a very, very good start.

kyle worked from home yesterday, so he also got to witness and enjoy the Best Day Ever. so at 10:30 am, i said a silent prayer to the God of Good Babies and handed sam over to Daddy so he could take over Sam Watch 2005 for a few hours while i went to get my hair cut ... my first hair cut since sam was born! i never knew that two hours to myself could feel so good. i got in my car by myself, listened to grown-up music in my car, and went into the salon like any other grown up might do - with no diaper bag, and no spit-up on my shirt. it was decadent. when i got home from my hair cut, the house was quiet and kyle was working ... he'd gotten sam down for another nap with no trouble, and said they'd had a long, happy stroller walk before that. he said that sam had been a perfect angel. the rest of the day was the same - sam woke happy and played, we took another stroller walk (during which sam drifted off again), we played some more - all with kyle working nearby, which was nice. then in the evening we had a long bath - with even more smiling and some underwater kicking of the feet. sam even tolerated the rubbing in of the dreaded after-bath-lotion with smiles. at bedtime, he ate his bottle happily, smiled when i put him down in his crib, yawned, and went off to sleep again. kyle and i had a terrific steak dinner (kyle makes amazing marinated steaks on the grill), and watched a movie together. we both marveled at how low our stress levels are when sam is that happy.

then of course, just to keep us on our toes, sam had a complete freak-out-melt-down first thing this morning. it seems that we put some uncomfortable new clothes on him this morning that gave our sensitive kid a skin rash, and it took us several hours to figure out that that was what was going on! he thrashed around on the bottle, and cried until we thought we might have to take him straight to the doctor ... then we took his clothes off to change his diaper and he started smiling like crazy.

ah, the ups and downs of parenthood. well, at least my hair looks good.


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At 10:29 PM, Anonymous nana and papa john said...

Oh, how we love hearing about Sam's days.....great or not so great! It's amazing how one little bundle of human can so utterly focus your life. What is best of all, is that both of you se the joy and wonder of it all...good and not so good! You are THE BEST PARENTS EVER!! Keep up the good work, mommy and daddy!
Love, Nana and Papa John

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