I'd like to thank the academy...

I was happily surprised to find out today that I'm currently ranked #1 in the U.S. in Cat IV road racing. The USCF ranking system reads like rocket science, but I'm going to take their word for it. I'm sure that soon another more deserving cyclist will find their way atop the rankings, but for now, I plan on enjoying my brief moment in the very small spotlight. At the same time, I generally don't need more than gorgeous sunrises and the satisfaction that comes from a long hard ride to make all my training seem worthwhile, so in a way this is a very humbling recognition. In the end, I just hope that Alissa can accept this as one small consolation for all the mornings when I crawl out of our warm bed at 5AM. Thank you for your love and support baby. Without it, I'd crawl back under the covers.


Shower Part Deux

We flew to AZ to see the Grandparents (otherwise known as my parents) this weekend. My mom and my Aunt Linda kindly threw a 2nd shower for Alissa. In addition to a bunch of really nice ladies that we've never met, my awesome Aunt Becky was also in attendance. Becky is an avid reader of this blog, so I will give her the appropriate shout out now; HI BECKY!!!!

Anyway, Sam continued his streak by raking in tons of gear. In fact I'm pretty sure that we now have enough clothing for twins, should Sam turn out to have a brother or sister hiding in there with him.

We're incredibly grateful to everyone who came to the showers in Norman and Green Valley and for all the love and support that we've received from you all. I can't imagine a more supportive, incredible family. I know we sometimes act like we're the first people in history to have a child, and it means a lot that you've indulged us in our wide eyed wonder and excitement. We promise to repay you with more baby pictures than you'd ever care to see and plenty of personal appearances from the Samster himself after he arrives.

In the meantime, The Millar Family World Tour has officially come to an end. We've stocked up the bunker and we're batting down the hatches until June 23rd. We've had a ball seeing family and friends these last several weeks, but it's time to stick close to home and feather the nest, so to speak. Check back soon for more dispatches from Casa Sherbourne.


Velo News Photo

Velo News Photo
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Here's a copy of the photo of us from the latest edition of Velo News. Go figure that the only shot I'm ever likely to get of myself in a major cycling publication, and I'm riding a trainer!

Personal Best

I achieved a personal best time of 19:19 at today's Mandeville Canyon Time Trial. I'd like to thank my sponsors, DiGiorno Pizza and Blackstone Vineyards. Without their carb and alcohol laden products, I could have never achieved such athletic prowess. Who needs Powerbars and Accelerade when Supreme Pizza and Pinot seem to do the trick? I don't recommend this training regimen for everyone, but it seems to work for me. Before my next race I plan on eating an entire bucket of KFC and washing it down with a pint of Haagen Dazs.



Alissa's had more than her share of Braxton-Hicks contractions during her pregnancy. (Braxton-Hicks, for all you non-baby havin' civilians out there, are false contractions brought on by stress, dehydration, standing up too fast, the curvature of the earth, Brittany Spears, and the smell of beer) Anyway, like I was saying, Alissa's had more than a few. Most are fairly mild, but the sudden tightening of the uterus can't be an entirely pleasant experience. The good news is that unless she has more than 6 in the span of an hour, she's totally normal. (Normal being open for debate when the subject of that statement has chosen to marry me, but I digress) So far, the most she's ever had in an hour is five. And this is a record that we're definitely not in a hurry to break anytime soon. So this morning during my workout my buddy Paul (who's wife is also pregnant, like an alarming number of my friends these days) asked me worriedly about his wife's Braxton-Hicks contractions. I told him with the air of authority that comes from being the husband of a woman who's all of 6 3/4 months pregnant that it was probably nothing to worry about. Being the sane, rational father-to-be that I know Paul is, I'm sure he'll seek a second opinion. But it was yet another small moment when I found myself discussing details of my wife's anatomy with a buddy, in a way that I couldn't possibly have ever imagined even a year ago. And the irony is that upon reflection, that's the part that I find hard to believe. Not the fact that I was having this conversation while clothed head to toe in spandex, flying along on a bicycle at 5:30 in the morning. Such are the comic mysteries of my life these days.

Top 10 Signs That You've Been Domesticated

10. You can count on one hand the number of times you've stayed up past midnight in the last 6 months.

9. The sight of the stackable washer/dryer in your apartment nearly moves you to tears of joy.

8. You are intimately familiar with the features of said stackable washer/dryer.

7. Your recent purchase of a Webber Genesis gas grill was probably one of the proudest moments of your life.

6. You know how to paint your wife's toenails.

5. Your discovery of the "edging" tool on the vacuum was a source of at least an hour's worth of entertainment.

4. Someone asks you if you have any single friends that you can set them up with and you stare at them blankly, then laugh out loud.

3. You know what the following words mean, and can define them in painfully clinical terms; effacement, dilation, episiotomy.

2. More than 2 drinks of any kind of alcohol spells h-a-n-g-o-v-e-r.

1. You find yourself making a list like this and posting it on your very own blog.


The Blue Man

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Alissa & Blue Man Mike

What a Weekend!

Alissa and I just returned from a fantastic weekend in New York City. We saw some incredible theatre, ate some wonderful food, celebrated a wedding, and caught up with old friends. Alissa hand picked two shows for us to see while we were in town, and they were both amazing. On Friday night we saw "Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolf," starring Kathleen Turner and Bill Irwin. On Sunday we saw "Streetcar Named Desire" starring Natasha Richardson and John C Reilly. Both shows were intense and full of powerhouse performances. This was definitely not your average happy musical territory, but thanks to Alissa's cliff notes, I was able to keep up with the frenetic pace. Before the theatre on Friday night, we had a celebratory dinner at Grammery Tavern, which has been my favorite restaurant in NYC for years. The meal didn't disappoint, and Alissa finally got a chance to eat what I've claimed for years are the best desserts in the free world.

Saturday we went to Topher & Shannon's wedding, which was beautiful. The ceremony itself was held at a Catholic church on Park Ave. and the reception was at the New York Athletic Club. Several of our good friends were there as well, representing the Syracuse contingent, and we all had a great time.

Sunday after the theatre we finally got a chance to catch up with our old friend Michael Rahhal and his wife KC. Alissa and I had last seen Mike at a Quartz Mountain reunion party about 12 years ago. Mike was one of our closest friends at camp and we'd wondered for years what had happened to him. After our friend Scott discovered his name on a web site for the Blue Man Group, we knew we'd finally hit pay dirt. I made a few more calls and lo and behold, Mike was indeed a cast member for the Blue Man Group, in NYC of all places! So Sunday we finally all got together. Mike met us at the theatre after his show in full Blue Man regalia, and afterwards we went out for dinner. Five hours later, we were sufficiently caught up on eachother's lives. Alissa and I headed back to the hotel to get a few hours of sleep before flying back to LA, happy knowing that we'd gotten the most out of our weekend.


How the time does fly

OK, I've officially fallen off the wagon again with this blogging thing. I'd like to blame it on the new job, food poisoning, global warming, solar flares, high gas prices, or being distracted by the start of baseball season. But the fact is, I've just been lazy. And now so much time has passed since I posted anything here that I feel like it would take me a week to cover all that's happened. So rather than burden my bandwidth by posting a War and Peace-like detail of our every word and deed for the last several weeks, I'll just hit he highlights;

- Went back to Oklahoma for Baby Shower#1. Sam made out like a bandit. We saw old friends and ate a lot of homecooked food. I slept until 10AM TWO DAYS IN A ROW! Came home happy, well rested and brimming with baby gear.

- Rode many, many miles in the sunshine. The weather's been amazing, and I've been taking advantage of every opportunity I've had to get out and enjoy it. I've done a couple of old favorites up in the Santa Monicas, and last weekend got a chance to do a spectacular ride up in the San Gabriels that I've been drooling over for months. Alissa and I were talking last night about religion (in the wake of the Pope's death it seemed timely) and I said again how spiritual those long rides in the mountains are for me. I've rarely felt closer to a higher power than when I'm pedaling with the sun on my face, a pounding heart and and a big grin.

- My brother Kerry got into Graduate School!!!! He's headed for the University of North Carolina, a timely choice considering their stellar performance in the NCAA Basketball Championship last night. Not that their sports prowess had anything to do with his choice, but it's a nice perk. Anyway, he'll be leaving Atlanta for Chapel Hill in May and I'm thrilled for him. He's wanted this for a long time, and he's worked really, really hard to get there. And years from now when he's rich beyond measure and running some multi-national company, I can brag about him to all my friends and beg him to give my kid an internship.

- I won the office pool for the NCAA tourney! Not to be outdone by my brother's recent success, I promptly went out and won the annual March Madness pool. It was a hard fought battle, and I couldn't have done it without my father-in-law's brilliant handicapping. In fact, I've promised him half of my winnings, which should just cover a couple of steaks and some beer.

- Speaking of steaks, I finally broke down and bought myself a grill this weekend. After years as a charcoal purist, I finally caved in to temptation and joined the propane cult. Now there's a shiny new Webber in our backyard, promising to bring us years of perfectly cooked happiness.

- Alissa and I finished Sam's nursery! The walls are painted, the crib is assembled, all the furniture is in place, the books are on the shelves, the toys are in the toy box. Now all we need is a baby. 11 weeks and counting...

I'm sure I've forgotten more than I've written about here, but those are the highlights. Thankfully, there's a lot going on in Millarville this week, so check back for lots of other exciting news. This week Alissa and I are officially enjoying one more fling before parenthood begins. To celebrate Alissa's birthday, we're going to see U2 tomorrow night. And on Thursday, we're off to NYC for a weekend of theatre, great food and old friends. Then it's of to AZ for baby shower #2. And the hits just keep on coming!

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