The Scene of the Crime

A few days ago Alissa and I snuck into the "early bird" maternity ward tour at Cedars Sinai. Go figure that the Early Nerds would pull a stunt like that, but we couldn't help ourselves. So we joined a group of VERY pregnant mothers and their partners. Alissa's just barely starting to show, so needless to say, we stood out like a couple of sore thumbs. I really started to worry when one of the ladies in the group asked Alissa how many weeks pregnant she was and threatened to slap her if she said she was anywhere near 38 weeks! Despite the threat of impending violence, we continued on. The tour was really helpful and thorough. We got a chance to see all the rooms we'd be passing through on our birthing adventure and had all our questions answered. I was a little disappointed to see that there was no king size bed for daddy in the recovery room, but I'm guessing that by that time I'll be running so high on adrenaline that sleep won't be much of a concern anyway. Overall the hospital was very clean and the staff seemed really friendly. I'm sure if they rated hospitals the way they rate restaurants in LA, Cedars would get an A+.

The rest of the weekend flew by. We had a meeting with our accountant on Saturday, which is always about as much fun as a root canal. And to celebrate we headed down to the South Bay to join our friends Steve, Nicole, Raj & Viola for a day at the pier. The weather didn't exactly cooperate but it was nice to see everybody and catch up. Sunday I had two races and managed two top -10 finishes, which was my best performance so far this year. Afterwards we attended our final Bradley Birthing Class. So I guess now we've officially graduated, for what that's worth. I feel pretty confident about the road ahead, even though I'm not the one that will be doing all the work. Still, I know we'll make a great team and I know Alissa's going to do a fantastic job!


I am not alone!

It was with great sadness that I discovered today (thanks to the NY Times, grand and powerful source of all wisdom) that I am apparently NOT the first daddy-to-be to have a blog about parenthood. (Or in my case, impending parenthood) In fact, you can read all about the phenomenon of mommy & daddy blogs in this great piece at the NY Times online. The article features one of my favorite blog authors, Heather Armstrong, who writes the hilarious and often profane Dooce.

In other non-blog related news, Alissa and I had my fellow teammates over last night for dinner. It was my turn to host the monthly men's Cat 4/5 team gathering, and it was a big success. Thanks to Alissa's culinary contributions, we served a wonderful homemade lasagna, and her patented ice cream cookie sandwiches for dessert. A dozen well-fed cyclists left our house with smiles on their faces. And I managed to squirrel away enough leftovers to keep me fat and happy for the rest of the week!


Sam's 1st Hike

In what will I'm sure be the first of many such adventures, Alissa and I hit the trail for a hike in Malibu on Saturday with Sam along for the ride in utero. We brought along the new video camera and shot some great footage. I think it's pretty cool that Sam's going to have that kind of thing to look back at when he grows up. I would kill for some home videos of my parents before I was born.

At any rate, we're planning on shooting as much as we can before Sam is born and editing a little movie for him that will show him some things about his family and how he got here. Years from now he can watch this stuff and see for himself what huge dorks his parents were before he was born.


The Early Nerds

Years ago, I remember sitting in the parking lot of our church with my parents, pouting because we were early and nobody else had arrived. I didn't want to be the first one in the door, so I sat in the car bemoaning my parents' terminal promptness. I was a teenager at the time, and at that age being early for anything (even for church, apparently) was SO uncool. Of course, in hindsight I realize that being what I called an "early nerd" was at the time, the very least of my worries. Like pretty much every teenager in history, I was a walking, talking, human train-wreck for several years. My clothes didn't fit, my skin was bad, I was socially awkward and as photos of me at the time prove, I thought that yellow Converse high-tops combined with matching neon yellow Oakley sunglasses were the height of fashion. (The word dorky doesn't even begin to do justice to those dark days in the late 80's.) But despite all that, somehow being an "early nerd" sent me over the edge. The term eventually worked it's way into our family's vernacular and become a badge of shame for me until I was old enough to drive myself and start showing up, "fashionably late".

Which is why I find it absolutely hilarious that my wife and I have both noticed lately that we're constantly arriving early for everything these days. Whether it's a movie, dinner with friends, or our Bradley birthing class, we've become Early Nerds in our old age. They say that you grow up to become your parents, and every day I'm noticing more and more things that bear that out. Of course I'd like to think that I've also inherited a few other traits from my parents, since in addition to being fellow Early Nerds, they're also two of the most loving, wonderful people I know. But of course in about 13 years, I'm sure my son will be laughing at the pictures he finds in the attic of his dad dressed like a circus clown, and moaning about how his parents are always early for everything. Maybe he'll wise up in his old age and realize that despite all that, his folks were pretty cool anyway.

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